Web Hosting Singapore

Web Hosting Singapore

Web Hosting for bloggers and Business Start-up

Looking for a Web Hosting solution in Singapore can be very confusing sometimes. There are just too many plans to choose from. In this article, we cover all the basics that you need to know in order to start a Blog or a Website at a very minimal cost for starters. This is suitable for absolute beginners, bloggers, professional as well as business start-up that is looking for a low cost setup to start with and looking for a incredibly fast and reliable Web Hosting in Singapore at the same time. We will also provide a price plan comparison and also give you some helpful tips of choosing the perfect Web Hosting plan for your needs. Navigate straight to comparison chart.

Reasons for building a website

There are many reasons for building a blog or website for individual or for business start-up that wants to give a shot on the Internet by creating a website as a marketing platform for their business. To name a few, the cost for setting up a website is relatively low, easy to update and maintain the contents, increase your web presence for online marketing and most importantly, you can easily DIY your own stunning website with popular Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress to impress your visitors with ease.

Recent survey shows that many Professional Individual such as Real State Salespersons, Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors are venturing into Internet Marketing to promote their products and services. Therefore, a website is now an essential element for any professional individual and business in today context.

Millennial Generation

Millennial Generation is the most diverse generation that grew up in an electronics-filled generation such as the Internet and Social Media Network. The term Googling, Blogging, Vlogging and YouTubing have always been familiar terms in a day-to-day conversation these days. Millennial are socially confident and they often express their thoughts and opinions through Blogging. There are tons of popular Travel Blog, Food Blog, Gadget Blog, Life style Blog popping up every now and then. When blog gain popularity, bloggers often starts monetizing their blog by incorporating Affiliate Marketing elements and Google Adsense into their blog or website for generating passive income. There are also success stories about Singaporean bloggers started monetizing their blog and turn their blog shop to a successful online business.

How to build a Blog or Website?

Are you ready for your first website for a successful internet presence? Here are the things that you need:

  1. Domain Name – This is an unique identity for the internet world. Choose a name that represents your business or blog
  2. Web Hosting – This is a server where you upload your web pages and data so that your website is visible to the internet world
  3. Content Management System (CMS) – A very light weight software to be installed on your host to manage the contents of your website. WordPress is highly recommended.

Web Hosting Plan Comparison

We have shortlisted 3 well-established Singapore based Web Hosting providers as well as an oversea provider for this comparison purpose. Like many of us, we often confuse by all the features and types of hosting plans as well as freebies being offered by hosting providers. We tend to be blinded by it. First thing first, let’s put the features aside, we must look at the data centre location. By having a Data Centre locally makes a tremendous different on the performance of your website for one simple reason, the low latency! The lower the latency, the faster your website will load. It is also upmost important factor when it comes to choosing the right hosting provider. Always choose the one that is closer to you geographically.

For beginners, shared hosting will be ideal to start with. Upgrade to Cloud Hosting or VPS hosting when you have large number of visitors to your site. Let’s see the comparison chart. Take note that all the pricing table below from various hosting providers have something in common, they are all unlimited bandwidth, equipped with CPanel, WordPress ready and a Data Centre in Singapore. Also, price comparison is based on 1 Year subscription. Here is the list of specifications we will compare:

  1. Storage Capacity (SDD or SAS hard drive)
  2. Bandwidth
  3. Addon Domain
  4. Number of email accounts allowed
  5. SSL
  6. Free Domain
  7. Technical Support phone or email
  8. Money back guarantee

Comparison Chart

S$10.00 /per month
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Addon Domain
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • SSL available
  • No Free Domain
  • Phone/Email Support
  • X
S$8.00 /per month
  • 5GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited Email Acc.
  • SSL available
  • 1 free domain
  • Ticketing Support
  • X
S$10.00 /per month
  • 5GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 4 Addon Domain
  • 10 Email Accounts
  • SSL available
  • No free domain
  • 24/7 Support
  • X
USD6.85 /per month
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domain
  • Unlimited Email Acc.
  • Free SSL
  • Free Domain
  • 24/7 Support
  • Money Back Gaurantee

Our picks

Simplehost – Hosting plans come with SSD storage which is 20x faster than a conventional SAS storage. Best of all, its data centre is at Equinix. One of the most sought after and premium data centre in Singapore. In addition, the tier 2 shared hosting comes with 5 add on domain allows you to host one additional websites! The only drawback is the limit for the bandwidth at 50GB. Unless you are expecting millions of visitors each month, otherwise it’s more than sufficient. Enjoy 10% discount on shared hosting for limited time by applying 10%OFFKEEN coupon code upon check out.

SingaporeHost – We picked the second tier shared hosting from this provider due to the fact that it allows unlimited websites to be hosted under one roof. Go for this if you have multiple domains.

Vodien – Slightly more expensive than the other. However, they have awesome phone and email support 24/7. The support team is extremely helpful and patience. Another reason is that all shared hosting plan have access to Premium WordPress theme by ElegantThemes that is worth USD89. The Divi Builder is one of the most powerful page builder on the market. Very attractive indeed. Definitely will help you kick start your journey to build a stunning website.

TMDHosting – This one got it all. It is affordable, Regional Data Centre, unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited addon domains, comes 1 free domain, free SSL certificate and money back guarantee. This is the Winner. Hands down. By the way, unlimited storage doesn’t mean you can abuse it. You know what I mean.

Hope this article helps.

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