Fastest Fibre Broadband in Singapore

Fastest Fibre Broadband in Singapore

Singapore comes out as one of the TOP in the world for fixed broadband speed. According to US-based Ookla’s Net Index, in Q4 2016-Q1 2017, Singapore topped 132 other countries to clock the fastest average broadband surfing speed of 180.61Mbps on computers. However, have you ever wondered how well your favorite Internet Services Provider perform terms of Fibre Broadband speed? Is your favourite Internet Service Provider (ISP) offering the Fastest Fibre Broadband in Singapore? Take a look at the chart. The comparison among top Internet Service Providers in Singapore.

Fastest Fibre Broadband in Singapore

  • Upload
  • Download

Unit is measured in Mbps

Download Speed

Top performer: ViewQwest

ViewQwest out performed all the ISP in Singapore with the average download speed of 899.35Mbps on a 1Gbps Fibre Link. ViewQwest originally offered broadband solutions for commercial, the company started offering residential fibre broadband in 2012 with extremely competitive price plan.

Upload Speed

Top Performer: M1

M1 is the smallest among the three ISPs that provide both broadband and mobile services in Singapore. Also the first ISP to offer fibre broadband in Singapore back in 2010. However, M1 outperformed the rest of the companies in terms of fastest upload speed on a 1Gbps fibre link fixed broadband. It also has the best 4G connectivity in Singapore.

Report says it all

This report is based on the data from users who conducted speed performance tests on October 2016 and March 2017.

Channel News Asia quoted:

Singtel was ranked the slowest Internet service provider (ISP), with the slowest download and upload speeds over broadband, the report noted.

ViewQwest, which started offering residential fibre in Singapore in 2012, had the fastest download speeds at 899.35Mbps, while M1 had the fastest upload speed over broadband at 692.85Mbps, the report said.

Source: Channel News Asia

When you assume that the biggest Internet Service Provider gives you the best performance, think again! The outcome… is jaw dropping.

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